Guaranteed Shipping

We understand the worry of courier services "losing" your order. We go above and beyond to make sure that you are supplied with your order adding a legal disclaimer in each shipment to clarify (click Legal for example). If we deem there is legitimacy in any dispute about an order not arriving for any reason, a new order will be issued.

Discrete Payment Option

For people not wanting a direct electronic trail of their transaction, when checking out, we offer the ability to pay with either cash, money order, PayPal, cashapp or venmo. Please email us your order and preferred method of payment, and we will email you back immediately if you are using any other form of payment than Credit Card.

About Smiler Seedbank

We here at Smiler Seedbank take the utmost pride in making sure you get the hemp and cannabis strains you need from the most renowned vendors on the market with the best customer care you could ask for. We understand the worry of wondering which seedbank is 100% legitimate. We aim to singlehandedly eliminate that worry. Through our fifteen devoted years, our life goal is the dedication to the trial and error process of the hemp and cannabis plant. We discovered quite early on that it has become quite the task to find solid genetics. Especially as of recent. You will not have that problem with us. That is why our breeder's list is exclusive only allowing the most impecable strains from the most renowned vendors. No more unstable genetics with fraudulently labeled strains. Trust only the best with our archive of every plant profile you're looking for.


Each order of seeds is supplied a Smiler freebie pack along with freebies provided by the breeders. The quantity per freebie may vary.