Smiler Seedbank is an accumulation of all the top notch breeders and strains you want at the click of a mouse. We make sure the seed's composition and preferred habitat is listed thoroughly in each strain's description. All seeds are stored in sealed containers in refrigerators set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with less than 10% humidity. Our sole goal is that you find our seedbank to be the most trustworthy and convenient on the net by having the most sought after genetics provided through only the most renowned breeders. Our customer care is impeccable. We aim to help alleviate whatever the concern may be. Please leave us feedback on our Social Media platforms of your experience with us. Thank you and happy hunting!

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Interested in testing new and exciting strains? Email your name, Instagram handle and your garden portfolio (photographs of your plants you're most proud of). Turpene Time will get back with you ASAP on what will best suit your qualifications. Testers with ALL gardening abilities are being sought after!